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So you want to learn Russian? While sitting in a cozy chair at home or enjoying the sun on the beach during your holiday? At the office or in the train? Early in the morning or late in the evening? Then start learning Russian online! With us!
Why choose us?
  • Individual Program

    You never learned Russian before and don´t know where to start from? Or you already have a certain vision and objectives? We will be glad to give you our recommendations and develop an individual program based on your personal needs.
  • Personal Support. For you only!

    When you learn Russian online with us, your personal tutor assists you all the way long. You get a constructive feedback after each lesson. No classes with 30 other students more! Only you matter now! You and your success!
  • Progress Monitoring for better Results

    We appreciate your time! You learn Russian online, your tutor works for you even offline! After each lesson your learning progress is analyzed and your learning program is optimized so that you never stop moving ahead and go directly to you goal!
  • Exclusive Learning Materials. Up-to-Date. Effective.

    We created an effective program for learning Russian online. We use all our professional skills, our knowledge and our extensive experience to make your Russian lessons interesting and productive. We make you enjoy learning Russian and you see the results!
  • Your Knowledge. Your Certificate. Your Success.

    Learning Russian brings joy! But sometimes it´s important to get your language skills worldwide aсknowledged. That´s why we became an official Russian language testing centre. Our teachers being certified TRKI-examinators know exactly how to prepare you for the TRKI-Exam to get the best results.
  • Travel to Russia. Feel Russia. Enjoy Russia.

    Online gets real! If you want to test your Russian skills, we have several destination for you to choose: one of the eldest Russian cities Velikiy Novgorod, capital city Moscow or the «Northern Florence» St. Petersburg. Experience Russia! With us!

Learn Russian: Online or Language School?

Heavy snow or pouring rain... A long drive to a school after a hard working day... Stress, traffic jams, environmental pollution... Forget it! Now you can learn Russian online - wherever you are! Wherever you want to be! Conveniently and individually!

Language schools mostly offer Russian courses in groups up to 15 persons. If you learn Russian online, there are only you and your tutor. So you can learn Russian faster and more productive. All you need is a PC, a headset and a web-cam!

Media tools open new perspectives! So you can read Russian texts, watch Russian videos, listen to Russian music as well as chat in Skype with Russian friends and partners. Online world unites!

Why learn Russian?Why learn Russian? Why learn Russian?

Russian is a world language. It fascinates with its history, its potential, its diversity of forms and meanings. Russia impresses with its cultural heritage, great writers and prominent scientists, with hospitality of its people and with the depth of the Russian soul. Learning Russian means becoming a part of the world culture, expanding the horizons and opening up new vistas. Privately or professionally.

Learning Russian means becoming independent. From politics and mass media. From prejudice. Drawing comparisons, forming your own opinion, always remaining on the ball is priceless. That´s why it´s worth it. To learn Russian online. With us.

Our Prices
Individual Lesson
Lessons: 1
Minutes: 60
Individual Course
Lessons: 20
Minutes: 60
Lessons: 20
Minutes: 60
Lessons: 1
Minutes: 60


(Test of Russian as a Foreign Language)

TRKI (TORFL) is the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. It was developed by the Ministry of Education in co-operation with the most prominent universities of the Russian Federation. The TRKI-certificate is the Russian language certificate accepted worldwide.

Like any other international language exam the TRKI (TORFL) needs a good preparation. For that purpose we have a special Online course called «TRKI (TORFL) Preparation Course». The course consists of 5 lessons, 60 minutes each. During this course you get aсquainted with the procedure of the exam, get some useful tips on time planing and go through the sample tests together with the tutor. So you don´t lose time for trying to understand the tasks during the exam and can better concentrate on more important things.

Download TORFL Sample Test A1
Download TORFL Sample Test A2
Download TORFL Sample Test B1
Download TORFL Sample Test B2
Download TORFL Sample Test C1
Download TORFL Sample Test C2

Lessons: 5
Minutes: 60
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